The Flatiron Building is a building like none other, both strange and magnificent – a skinny triangular column festooned with ornate terra cotta tile – that is instantly recognized the world over. The Flatiron is beloved by New Yorkers, and exemplifies the spirit of the city.

Yet, surprisingly, nobody has made a film about this New York icon – until now.

We have already filmed a 6-minute promotional trailer for the film, and we hope to complete the final version by early 2013. We envision showing our film as a part of a national public television series, and to serve as an available resource for colleges and other educational institutions throughout the world. We also hope that our film will make the festival circuit.

Our author, Alice Sparberg Alexiou, has a close personal connection to the Flatiron building – her grandfather belonged to a group of investors who bought the building in 1945, and the Flatiron then remained in her family for fifty years. He was an immigrant, to whom Alexiou owes her New York citizenship. Through this book and documentary, she has been able to reconnect with the grandfather she never knew.

"For me, this building embodies everything about New York that we love so much – the constant flow of people from all over the world into this city, the creativity that is nurtured here, the originality that is constantly visible – and what else is more original than Flatiron?" – A.S.A.

This building has the ability to change its appearance from every angle. Its incredibly visual aesthetic is ideally suited for the big screen, and we can't wait to make it happen.


Charles Hobson – Director/Producer

Charles Hobson is the founder and artistic director of Vanguard Documentaries, an award-winning film production company known for its successful collaborations with PBS and the BBC, among others. Hobson was ranked one of the fifty top producers in the film and television industry by Millimeter magazine, was the recipient of an Emmy Award for Like It Is in 1968, and received the Japan Prize 'Special Citation' and the CINE Golden Eagle Award in 1986 for his work on The Africans.

Alice Sparberg Alexiou – Associate Producer

Alice Sparberg Alexiou is the author of The New York Landmark and the Incomparable City That Arose with It. Alexiou holds a masters in Journalism from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Classics from Fordham University. Alice Sparberg Alexiou is also the author of Jane Jacobs: Urban Visionary (2006), which is the first biography of the great urban theorist whose 1962 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities changed the way we see cities.